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Product Description:

Imagine having a pre-built, unbranded kit you could sell directly to your customers! With more and more people staying home, we have created this kit for you! It’s called the Mosaic Peace Box Kit! This kit allows you to ship or offer curbside pickup to your customers!

The design of the Mosaic Peace Box Kit is fantastic. It does not require a kiln or any special equipment, so anyone can have fun with this kit at home! This kit comes with the following supplies:

  • Ceramic Peace Sign Box
  • Light Purple Mosaic Pieces
  • Dark Purple Mosaic Pieces
  • Teal Mosaic Pieces
  • Glue
  • Red and Blue Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes

The Mosaic Peace Box Kit will be great for kids, adults, and people of all skill levels, and your customers will absolutely love this fun art project!

So, open up a whole new world of business opportunities, and get the Mosaic Peace Box Kit for your customers! They are going to love the ability to take this wonderful kit home, so make sure to add this to your cart today!